ydrg54kerarsreThere are 6 commonly practiced yoga types in the world. However, in the recent days, Bikram yoga has been created and has been on the rise amongst many. This article will highlight on the 6 mainstream yoga types as below:

1. Raja Yoga type

Often confused with hatha yoga, Raja is one of the most difficult types of yoga. It is known to require more discipline as well as control unlike most of the yoga types. Key areas that are considered in this form of yoga are concentration, discipline, and meditation of both the body and mind. Raja yoga has eight limbs, namely self-restraint, moral discipline, posture, ecstasy, sensory inhibition, breath control, meditation, and concentration

2. Bhakti Yoga type

This is a sensual form of yoga. It is erotic. This type is based on love: divine love. According to bhakti yoga, there are 3 levels of love spiritual love, material love, and human love

3. Karma Yoga

reiufg54djkdeeterThis type of yoga is considered to be an unseen force that brings about great things in the world. It is created around good people as well as the payback through bad things to the wrong doers. The karma simply implies action. This form of yoga means selfless action. One is expected to surrender fully for the greater good. Mainly attributed to Hinduism, this yoga calls for basic familiarization with the Hinduism teachings so as to appreciate the yoga.

4. Hatha Yoga

Commonly practiced in the Western sides, this type of yoga is attributed to the word Sanskrit ha: the sun. The two major principles in this form of yoga are:

· Meditation: while meditating, you need to be in a comfortable posture. Over time, you will learn more postures that are comfortable for you. For most people, the lotus position is so helpful in meditation.

· Energy improvement in the body: this is the flow of energy within one’s body for better health.

5. Tantra Yoga type

ygrrg54hfjdkierdfberThis is the form of yoga that most people want to know. While many consider it to be sexual, tantric yoga is not exclusively sex. It involves several rituals as one enlightens and transcends. It is important to mention that sex is part of the rituals. Celibacy is also considered in this form of yoga. Your mind needs expansion to achieve the height of consciousness; tantric yoga gives you this. Your inner spirits are easily awakened by this yoga.

6. Jnana Yoga

This is about enlightenment and wisdom. Your mind and soul is cleared to keep off negativity. Jnana yoga helps to transform the practitioners for the right enlightenment.